Time to Heal

by Time to Heal

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released July 19, 2017

Sofia - Vocals
Jens - Bass
Anton - Guitar
Gabriel - Drums

Recorded by Anton Larsson
Mixed by Andy Nelson
Mastered by André Ampuero



all rights reserved


Time to Heal Stockholm, Sweden

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Track Name: Trust
Never thought I’d meet someone like you
Wish I’d never met someone like you

It’s no surprise that when I feel down
you're always around
No doubt you’re a life ruiner
You ruin people’s lives

Don’t think you can ever fix this
You burned all your bridges man
Trust me, I will never trust you
You were never worth my time

It’s your fault that I can’t believe anyone
It’s you fault that I can not trust anyone
Track Name: Not Afraid
I am not afraid to keep on living
I will keep on trying and forgiving
Things won’t go wrong if I keep trying harder
Things won’t go wrong if I keep my mind straight

I am not afraid to keep on living
I am not afraid to die
Track Name: Time to Heal
Nothing to lose so much to gain
I know you’re sick of all of this pain
Fighting for a life worth living
Isn’t easy when you’re sick of giving

Give it some time, soon all you have is time

Nothing to lose so much to gain
You’ve got to push the pain away
Even though it may seem hard
Don’t ever let it tear you apart
Track Name: Never
You spoke of friendship and honesty
But let’s be real, what did you even mean?
I can see it now, you never really cared
So when you fall down, don’t think I’ll be there

You are who you always are
I can’t believe I ever trusted you
We will never be the same
I’m done trying and done with you

Everything I thought was true
was something else and so were you
I’m leaving everything we had behind
and so should you

And now when everything falls apart
Don’t think you can run back to me
Track Name: Surviving Kind
I’m so tired of always being watched
His eyes burning through my clothes
I’m sick of thinking of what
I should have worn instead

It isn’t fun when he comes up
And tries to talk to me
And I keep hearing that I overreact
I’m sick of taking the blame

I never asked for his attention
I never asked him to keep it up
So shut your mouth just this once
before I lose my mind

I’m wishing ten thousand times that I didn’t wear a skirt
I’m wishing ten thousand times that I took another way
I’m wishing ten thousand times that I never left the house
I’m wishing ten thousand times that I didn’t need a knife

I’m sick of the fact that I should be scared
Of always looking behind me
But times are changing now
We’ll overcome what drags us down

If I were you I would start running
Because we’re coming for you
We stand together, we’re not alone
The line’s been crossed for the final time
Track Name: You & Me
I guess I’ll never know who I really am
Always changing, never settling for anything at all
And every day I wish that I was someone else
‘cause someone else is always better than me

Always somewhere else, always on the run
Who the fuck have I become?
I never care for anything or anyone

I’m sinking through the ground
And I don’t know the reason why
Surrounded by the joy of others
while I’m trapped with all this pain inside

I don’t have much in my life but take it, it’s yours
I don’t get how you could stay
I’m waiting until you leave
You and me, we’re unloveable, we’ll always be