Taking Control

by Time to Heal

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released January 29, 2016

Time to Heal is Sofia, Anton, Jens and Gabriel.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Freyja Pihl at West Wood Studios in Stockholm throughout December 2015 and January 2016.
Guest vocals on Coming up Short by Meghan Minior.
Cover photo by Emma Lundqvist, design and layout by Gabriel.



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Time to Heal Stockholm, Sweden

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Track Name: Taking Control
Don't expect anyone to fix things for you
I don't think you thought it through
This is direct action, this is DIY
This is what it looks like, taking control

And you say that we are dreamers
But I've done more shit than you can dream of
And you say that we aren't good enough
But I'm just better enough than you

This is taking control
Track Name: Coming up Short
Always pushed to a corner, always dragged away
Didn't feel like I fit in, didn't feel safe
Lousy confidence and lousy strength
Fucked up ways and fucked up friends

Always good manners and real good grades
A disappointment for my family and everyone who stays
Never dream for anything cause it won't turn true
Never be anyone cause that's not you

It's society that made me this way
And society will always stay the same
So never forget, it's society to blame
Track Name: Hold On
My own trust has been abused
Everything that meant may be lost
Do you care at all? Do you see me now?
Or will you just turn away?

And you only call me when you're depressed
When you feel happy I'm so far away

Hold on to your friends
Track Name: Flatline
Everything you say runs off me now
And I don't wanna hear another bullshit word from you
Everything you say is something I've heard before
And I don't really care no more

I don't care anymore
I don't really care no more

This has gone on long enough
I'm sick and tired of you acting so tough
Why don't you shut your mouth?
Shut the fuck up